Client of the month – September (WorkGuru)

We are so proud of these guys and so happy to have seen them at their Xerocon stand!

This is what they have been up to

WorkGuru are a project, asset, and inventory management tool, designed as a lightweight ERP for the Xero ecosystem.

WorkGuru was built by the founders of The Rype Group, who have been Cloud Integrators with Xero, since before the term “Cloud Integrators” existed.

WorkGuru was built out of our frustration with the limitations of apps they deal with every day for their clients, and while they still love those apps, they needed to build something to solve problems they kept seeing.

A quick set of things that set them apart:

Project Groups

The ability to easily collate and report on a group of projects as part of a larger project has been requested for years. By allowing clients to group projects, you can now easily track a variation to a building job, related deliveries in a transport context, or a run of jobs for a service business. You can also invoice them individually or together – it’s completely up to you

Asset Tracking

Where you have a business that services or works on particular assets, it’s important to track the ASSET itself, and not the client. Classic examples are lifts/elevators, trucks, hoists, tanks, or boats, WorkGuru’s asset tracking lets you track every job, time-sheet, part, and note you’ve ever attributed to that asset, making service histories a breeze.

Project and Inventory Together

About once a month Rype Group used to get asked if we could connect WorkFlowMax and Unleashed together. While they love both of those products, they’re not designed that way, and they built WorkGuru to handle a request that was coming up more and more frequently.

Invoicing Flexibility

 Everyone invoices differently, and it varies between jobs! WorkGuru lets you invoice completed tasks, percentages of jobs, percentages of tasks, forecast amounts, actuals, and disbursements on the job, as and when you need to.

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