Self-Managed Super Fund Rules


A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a private super fund that individuals can manage themselves, meaning that they can choose the investments and the insurance. An SMSF is a popular and effective way of saving for retirement. However, being the trustee of your own super fund is a big responsibility and can come with a risk, so it’s important to know the rules before starting one. Here are some important…  Read more

2022-23 Federal Budget Update – A quiet night for SMSFs


This year’s Federal Budget cost-of-living relief, job growth and women’s security. The key measures that you should be aware of as an SMSF trustee are outlined below. Should you wish to discuss how these may impact your personal circumstances or retirement plans please contact me to arrange a time to chat.   Extension of the temporary reduction in superannuation minimum draw down rates The Government has extended the 50 per…  Read more

Should you engage a financial planner


For business owners who want financial security now and freedom in retirement, having a financial planner on the team is a must. A financial planner will create a customized, strategic action plan to help you achieve your personal financial goals. Getting to know you and your business inside out is the first step a financial planner will take to understand where you are now, where you want to go, and…  Read more

Consolidate your super! (lost super)


Have you moved between the jobs? Chances are that you have several superannuation accounts and don’t know what you should do about it… or in fact, you haven’t given it a second thought…there is also a very good chance, you have lost super that you are no longer aware of… The thing is, the more superannuation accounts (funds) you have, the more sets of fees you pay. Paying these additional…  Read more