Why are we proud to be boring

To put it simply, we love doing the stuff you hate.

We love number crunching, analysing, extrapolating (that’s one of those terms accountants use to make themselves appear less boring) – all of these things are mind numbingly boring for you, but it’s heart pumpingly exciting for us.

And that’s a good thing – for both of us. You get to pass on your boring old bookkeeping, BAS and end of year tax returns, while we get to dive into the details. That way, you’re free to get on with the things that fire you up, while we get on with the things that don’t.

So if you are a Brisbane or Sydney based business focused on building a strong, successful and scaleable business, then we’re the boring accountants you need to have.


Why being boring is good for us, but even better for you

Some people think accountants are boring because they are reliable, predictable and responsible… and in our case, they’d be right.

We’re reliable because we’re always available to answer your questions. Any opportunity to talk numbers with you makes our day, which is why we don’t charge for phone calls and respond to your emails within 24 hours. And because time is money, we typically get your job done in 14 days or less – trust us on this, we’re too boring to bother lying about it.

We’re predictable because we offer the same high standard of service to every single client. Whether you’re a start-up, solo business or larger enterprise, you can trust us to implement long-term, practical solutions that will help your business prosper.

Last but not least, we’re responsible because like all true professionals we believe in getting things right the first time. If we make a mistake (and we rarely do), we risk damaging our relationship with you – and that’s the last thing we want.  But we’re confident in our boring responsibleness. So confident in fact, that we only work on a fixed fee basis. That way, if we make a mistake, you’re not the one who pays for it.

So if all of that makes us boring, then we’ll wear it with pride.

If you’re on the lookout for boring accountants who can help take your business from good to great, give us a call. Your first consultation is free and in most cases we will come to you. Sound good? Give us a call on (07) 3160 7386 to arrange a meeting – we don’t get out much, so we’d love the company.