VIC Bushfires – Tax relief measures (state based)

Victorian government has announced tax relief for people and local businesses that have been affected by the recent bushfires.

The tax relief measures include the following:


  • Land tax relief on properties that have been affected by bushfires or are used to provide free accommodation for people displaced by bushfires.
  • Land transfer duty (stamp duty) relief for people who need to replace homes destroyed by bushfires.
  • Reduced land transfer duty (stamp duty) on purchases of commercial or industrial property in bushfire affected local government areas.
  • Reduced payroll tax for regional employers with a registered address in a bushfire affected local government area.
  • Motor vehicle duty relief for people who need to replace vehicles destroyed by bushfires.

They have also agreed to put land tax payments on hold for those people who own land in bushfire affected areas.

You can find more information on the State Revenue Office website.


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