What the 2023 Federal Budget means for you


The Australian Government unveiled its annual budget this week, which aims to stimulate economic growth, address long-term challenges, and improve social services. The budget is focused on helping with the cost of living, with tax cuts for middle and low-income earners, while also allocating funding to health, education, and small businesses. If you have any questions about how this budget affects you, please get in touch. Tax Cuts One of…  Read more

Business Update – 24 May 2023


Welcome to our Weekly Digest – stay in the know with some recent news updates relevant to business and the economy. First Aussie social media platform for business owners launched A new social media platform, called ‘Business Connect’, has been launched in Australia. It is designed specifically for business owners, allowing them to connect with other business owners, share ideas, and access resources. It also provides a platform for businesses…  Read more

What is a balance sheet and how does it help me manage my finances?


  You’ve likely heard the phrase “in the black.” Your balance sheet is the tool that shows you whether your business is indeed “in the black.” Your balance sheet includes a section for your assets (things you own or will receive that have value), your liabilities (what you owe to others) and equity (retained earnings and funds from investors) at a specific time. The relationship between these three sections shows…  Read more

Practice Update – October 2022


Photo By Scott Graham Banking business income to a private account The ATO has stated that it has “no concerns” with business owners banking their business takings or other sales in private accounts, but that this may become an issue when this income isn’t reported. Therefore, the ATO notes that a good way to avoid this problem is to establish a separate business bank account and only deposit sales and…  Read more

Practice Update – September 2022

Petra King

Photo By Headway More COVID-19 business grants are now tax-free The Federal Government has expanded the list of State and Territory COVID-19 grant programs that may be tax-free to eligible businesses. A State or Territory Government COVID-19 grant payment will generally be tax-free if: the payment is received under a grant program that is formally declared to be an eligible program; the recipient carried on a business and had an…  Read more

5 ways outsourcing payroll can help you


When you start a business, you’re typically your only employee and payroll is about as simple as it gets. But as you grow, you hopefully find yourself in the position of needing to take on more employees. Before you know it, what was once a very straightforward task becomes a giant undertaking that’s sucking up most of your time. This is when it makes sense to outsource your payroll. While…  Read more

Tax update – June 2022


ATO priorities this tax time The ATO has announced four key areas that it will be focusing on for Tax Time 2022: –   Record-keeping. –   Work-related expenses. –   Rental property income and deductions. –   Capital gains from crypto assets, property, and shares. Before claiming income tax deductions for their expenses, taxpayers must ensure: –   they spent the money themselves and were not reimbursed; –   if an expense is for both…  Read more

5 Most Common Accounting Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Business


Many small business owners tend to handle their own accounting and bookkeeping, especially when they’ve just started out. However, keeping track of the finance-side of the business– everything from income to expenses to tax compliance– can be overwhelming. Mistakes can happen quite easily and can have costly consequences to your business. Below are five of the most common DIY accounting errors that you should avoid. Unorganised Records It takes excellent…  Read more

6 Essential Accounting Terms for Small Businesses


Hiring an accountant is widely considered best practice for small business owners.  But delegating financial analysis and reporting doesn’t mean completely checking out of the process each month or quarter. On the contrary, it’s recommended that business owners work closely with their accountants throughout the year to better understand their financial position, and make smart plans for future growth. Want to increase your accounting knowledge so you can have more…  Read more