Starting a Business

Taking the plunge

Starting your own business is a big decision in your life (and for many a rewarding one). Unfortunately we hear too many stories of business owners taking the plunge without any real knowledge on how to run a business.  It is no surprise to us that many business owners that don't get good advice fail in the first few years of operation.  Getting the right advise early is imperative to give your business the best start possible to succeed.

We will assist in choosing the right business structure for your business, registering with the relevant government authorities (ASIC & ATO), which accounting software to use, plus we will put you in touch with a host of “non accounting” services providers that can assist with business insurances, finance, human resources,.. and more.

Our initial consultation is free of charge at our office.

The cost after that will depend on the ultimate structure that you put in place.  Before commencing any work we will advise you how much our fees are going to be.  You will find that our fees are "fair and reasonable" for an accounting firm of our size and expertise.

We love seeing new businesses flourish and to help in the process we run through a 50 point new business checklist with new clients together with a generous 50% discount on our tax preparation fees in your first year of operation... (but don't tell anyone).

A quick look at how we helped a couple of start-up businesses