Ella And Jett Hold Record Xero Certified Courier Mail
Ella And Jett Hold Record Xero Certified Courier Mail

Two Brisbane children aged 10 and 9, have broken the world record to become the youngest humans ever to become Xero accounting certified.

While other kids their age were turning to games, movies and play over the summer, maths whiz Ella King, 10. and her brother Jett, 9. decided they’d follow in their accounting parents’ footsteps to qualify as Xero advisors.

In the process, they beat the record last held by UK teen Ollie Beale, 14. who had held the title since 2019.

Accountants Robert & Petra who own their own accounting practice Xperion said their children were given a set period for games but more time if they pursued something educational.

“Over the Christmas break we had the new graduate accountants in our office getting up to date with their Xero certification,” Mrs King said.

“When the kids asked what they could do over the school holidays we thought we would give them the same challenge to get certified. Never did we expect that they would actually achieve their certification so quickly.”

“The lockdown definitely helped them achieve their certification.”

Ella held the title for just 24 hours before her brother smashed it again.

“I thought I would manage to get a couple of days as the record holder, but I suppose I’m proud of him” she said.

Her brother said the experience was “fun and informative.”


Source of Article: Sophie Foster, Brisbane Courier Mail (13 February 2021)