If you haven’t embraced the cloud yet, it is not too late. There are many cloud based accounting packages but there is only one Xero.


Free up your time to grow your business – Receive your bank data automatically. No more manual data entry! These can be reconciled anywhere on the go (chasing clients from underneath the Eiffel Tower may sound over the top but it has been done before!)

Real time numbers that make sense – You can see your bank balances, invoices, bills and business performance at-a-glance. So can we! This helps us work together, spot any issues early on rather than 12 months too late when the tax time comes.

Improve your cash flow with online invoicing – Get paid faster with online invoices and payment options or automatic overdue invoice reminders. You’ll have a better connection with your customers – and know when they’ve opened your invoice. This means no more “lost invoice” excuses.

Worry free maintenanceSoftware updates are automatic and seamless. There is no need for new installations, limiting chances that you get these things wrong and in trouble with the ATO.

Add-ons!! (If Xero haven’t thought of it, someone else had.)

As certified Xero advisors and Xero Champions  we provide a complete, hassle-free, seamless solution to get your business operating with Xero.


Xero conversions

If you are not new in business and have been using different accounting software previously, we can convert your existing data into Xero. For MYOB and Reckon files, you are able to transfer 2 years of transactions across, for any other accounting software we are only able to bring in the opening balances and totals for each year.

For our compliance/ bookkeeping clients we are offering this as a free service. Please call us for a quote or a complimentary scope meeting if you are interested in bundling this up with our other services.

Xero training

We offer one on one Xero training, whether it be at one of our offices, your business or over phone/Skype.

We help you setup your file, connect the bank feeds and train you on various software functions that you will need for your daily bookkeeping and reporting.

The content varies depending on structure and complexity of your business and the add-ons you may choose to use. Our Xero training sessions with a fully qualified Chartered Accountant are $150/hour and generally you only need 1 two hour session to get you comfortably going. Sometimes it is beneficial to book another follow up session as your business grows.

Xero add-ons

If you have a specific need that Xero does not seem to fulfill, there is a very good chance that there is an add-on for it. If you need help with choosing the one that is right for you, integrating it with Xero and/ or need training on how to use it please give us a call on (07) 3160 7386.

Xero file health check

If you have been using Xero yourself for quite some time and don’t want to book for a training session but are not sure whether you are doing everything right, we are here to help.

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