Tax planning & minimisation

Just when you thought you were finally understanding the taxation laws… the ATO will go and change them (gotta love Budget Night) !!

To keep abreast of the latest legislative developments our professional staff undertake extensive professional development (and yes we watch budget night every year) to ensure you receive accurate accounting and taxation advice.

We are experts in specific areas of taxation including planning and minimisation, payroll tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, GST and the rules surrounding superannuation.

For our corporate clients we also assist in areas such as group restructuring, taxation compliance, shareholder issues, depreciation, income and business activity statements and annual returns.  We work with individuals to ensure your deductions are maximised and accurately claimed and that all sources of income are considered before preparing and lodging your income tax returns.

What to look for in a tax advisor

When it comes to finding a tax accountant, it is important to find someone who keeps up to date with legislation changes, is approachable, can “speak your language” and is available when you need them. For businesses in particular, the ability to form a solid working relationship is essential; your advisor needs to understand how you operate and be able to give you appropriate advice.

We love to catch up with our clients for a tax planning meeting, generally after the budget night and before the end of year. This enables us to review figures to date, estimate profits for the year, discuss any changes in legislation  and develop action plan to ensure everything is on track.

To arrange a meeting call our office on (07) 3160 7386.