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Kounta: point of sale


Whether you are setting up an online store or need a point of sale system for your retail store, Kounta has the solution for you.


If your internet connection goes down, Kounta keeps right on going without a hitch.  You can keep selling, and when you’re back online your data’s synced back to the cloud.

All your products online & in-store


Kounta is more than cloud based point of sale software, it’s the central tool for managing your business, it doesn’t care if you’re using an iPad, an Albert or an Android device. Kounta loves your Mac as much as your PC.

It makes no difference to Kounta whether you’re in hospitality or you’re in need of retail point of sale ; it has the right tools for each job. Always on, and available 24/7 no matter where you are, Kounta’s the POS system you’ve been searching for.


Reward your customers’ loyalty and win their repeat business when you integrate with a loyalty add-on like Collect Rewards.  It’s flexible, easy for customers to join, completely managed by you and works seamlessly with Kounta


Build and manage customer lists, track the complete purchase history of any customer and send targeted offers.  

Learn more about your customers

Kounta & Xero are a match made in heaven.  All sales information is sent directly from Kounta into Xero to give you real time information about your business.

Seamless integration


Easily add, edit, and remove products.  Assign images, colours, and item-specific taxes and stock level.  

Kounta’s flexible pricing options make it easy to discount and create promotional campaigns, as well as automatic price adjustments based on store locations or even customers.

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