Building a business needs discipline, sacrifices, confidence and of course a goal or outcome. Even though every business can be different, they all still need to work on the 8 areas of Business Growth.

Mastering both marketing and sales are the keys to growing your business. It is inside the main areas of this that you really start seeing business growth.

There is 3 stages of growth of a business,

  1. Building a strong Foundation
  2. Business growth
  3. Business expansion

Business owners also need to be very clear about what business is there for.  It is there for providing you cash, ie an investment and time, which comes with making cash.

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The Foundations module concentrates with 5 key areas:

1. The Business Owner

• Planning
• Mind Set
• Time
• Health

2. Marketing

• Online Strategy (Websites, SEO, Landing Pages, Adwords, Social Media Campaigns)
• Networking
• Referrals
• You can download a list of marketing activities by clicking here

3. Sales

• Having a great pre, during and post sales process
• Exceptional Follow Up Process.
• A great database to track leads and communicate clearly.

4. Customer Service & Operations

5. Finance & Administration



The Business Growth module concentrates with 2 key areas:

1. Your Team

• Focus the 4T’s of Team – Tools, Training, Targets and Trust
• Hiring Process and decent questions to get the team on board
• Performance Reviews and ensure that the team is delivering on their job descriptions.
• Clear goals and plans that the team follow

2. Systems

• Basic Checklists
• Video Tape major systems
• Record the screen on systems like entering an invoice
• Have a transcribe expert write the systems from the video tapes.



So what now? You have a business that should be working, what are your next steps. Business Expansion is all about what is the going to happen afterwards. Clearly there is many options though here is a few:
• State, National or International Growth
• Franchise
• Licencing Models
• Put a General Manager on so you can exit and have a great lifestyle.
• Open up more locations around
• Sell now that you have a business under management