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Are you STP ready? How do you setup STP in Xero?

If you have Xero payroll, setting up STP is actually very easy! Just follow the steps below when doing your next payrun and you will be good to go.


Note that you will need to call ATO, but they have designated numbers for this process so there is no wait… Unless you leave it to the last minute, of course…

Set up STP for your business

Before you set up STP, you need to set up your organisation with payroll.

  1. In the Payroll menu, select Pay employees.
  2. In the message about Changes to the way you report payroll information to the ATO, click Get started.

    If you don’t want to opt in right now, close the message by clicking Remind me later. To reopen the message, click Setup Single Touch Payroll.

  3. Click Opt in to confirm.
  4. Review your organisation details. If necessary, click Update Organisation details. Xero will redirect you to the Organisation details page. Otherwise, click Continue.
  5. To connect your Xero account to the ATO, call the ATO on 1300 852 232.
  6. Provide the ATO with the proof of ownership listed in Xero’s prompt, including your Australian Business Number (ABN) and Software ID (SSID).
  7. Select the checkbox to confirm you’ve contacted the ATO to connect your Xero account.
  8. Click Register.

Xero will redirect you back to the Pay employees page. You’ll now see an STP filing column in the Pay Run History table.


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