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(yes, you can use all those words in one sentence if you are talking about #XEROCON)

There was really no excuse for us not to attend Xerocon this year, seeing it was in Brisbane. Was it worth getting out of the office for few days knowing the work will pile up in the mean time? Absolutely!

As boring accountants, we get excited about small data, big data and more importantly the ever so evolving technology that brings it all together. Were we in for a treat?

Xero clearly put an enormous amount of work into this and the conference ticked all the boxes, even the ones we didn’t know were there to be ticked.

Yes, there was a DJ from 8 am!

Yes, there was a former monk Dandapani sharing his thoughts about energy, concentration and conscious accounting.

Yes, we got an insight into the Panama papers with Paul Farrell of Guardian Australia and Dr Shumi Akhtar.

Yes, Rachel Botsman talked about the evolution of trust and how it drives the change.

Yes, there was session on leadership ran by Rachael Robertson, an arctic explorer.

Yes, there was vast amount of add on partners showcasing what they do best (and we cannot wait to share these with you).


So what is on the horizon from Xero? Exciting times ahead…

Small businesses now have access to better technology than big business, and at the right price. (Rod Drury)

  • Being here for the small businesses, Xero are always on the lookout to make it easier for the them to get paid, integrating with numerous services such as Paypal, Stripe, OFX, POLIpayments, eway with BPay coming as well
  • There are also changes to invoices coming up, making it even easier to issue them on the go and with an option for early payment discount (because you want to get paid fast!)
  • Enabling us, the advisors, to see a range of client’s data with Xero HQ (open practice platform) – I am sure our clients will be excited to know that we will be able to chase them even faster
  • More automation so that business owners can spend time growing their business rather than reconciling bank accounts (because chances are Xero can reconcile the bank account better than you)
  • Partnering with Veda and bringing credit scoring into your accounting software. This also means that Xero will auto-complete with rich information saving you time and maintaining accuracy
  • Being able to benchmark businesses with meaningful up to date data
  • Mixing of Facebook messenger chatbot and Xero (i.e. Xerobot) – how about you message them to send out your invoice reminders for you?

There was certainly a lot to see, a lot to learn and a lot to think about.

Another stand out –  Jason Cunningham’s session on how to build a profitable business, left us recharged and motivated and we are going to leave you here with some of his points:

  • What is your “why”?

People don’t buy what you do or how you do it, they buy why you do it

  • Look at your business through the eyes of your customers
  • Begin with the end in mind (develop a sell mindset)

If you are after motivation, pick up his book “Have your cake and sell it too”.

If you need more technical advice, review of your Xero file to make sure everything is up to scratch, help with add-ons or simply some Xero training don’t hesitate to call your boring accountants on 07 3160 7386.

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