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The Salty Sailor

The classic takeout option of fish and chips took on a new dimensionwith the arrival of Salty Sailor (also known as Phunky Dory or Catch & Kiss). Typically, the local fish and chips shop was your only destination for battered and fried goodness, but when Yuling and her partner Nathan established a stall at the Eat Street Markets the game changed forever.

After captivating taste buds at Eat Street, they went mobile, cruising around Brisbane in ‘Claudette’ – a beautifully upgraded van to take its impressive menu to other corners of town.

The menu offers dishes such as BBQ Moreton Bat bugs, salt and pepper prawns, hand cut calamari, sweet potato fries and grilled and infused Atlantic salmon.

Salty Sailor sources its seafood from local fishermen that employ responsible fishing practices, combined with recycled, biodegradable and sustainably sourced packaging to ensure minimal environmental impact.

So not only great for our bellies but also for the environment! How awesome is that?

Being on the road most of the time, they are also paperless. With Xero and Square they are more than ready to go – make sure you give them a try next time you visit Eat Street Markets.