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Client of the month – September (Waterfront Executive Offices)

Waterfront Executive Offices

Business location:          Level 19, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Website address:            http://www.weo.com.au

When we first took them on, they were behind with pretty much everything. Their books were kept on QuickBooks (not even the online version!), their payroll was on spreadsheets and they lost their internal accountant without any internal systems in place.

It took several meetings and long hours to bring everything up to date but the process was fairly painless once we introduced them to Xero. The benefits have been obvious from the very beginning:

– We trained their internal person to perform bookkeeping duties. Due to the high automation this saves them considerable amount of time and cash.

Invoice reminders from Xero ensure that their customers pay on time.

Online access means that we are able to jump in and help out from wherever we are.

– Company results are ready for the shareholders nearly on a daily basis (rather than 6 months late).


More about them:

Waterfront Executive Offices are situated in a prime location in the Riverside Precinct right near Eagle Street Pier, within a short walk walking distance to some of Brisbane’s top restaurants. You will find them next door to the prestigious Stamford Plaza and Polo Clubs, a short stroll to the Botanical Gardens and within close vicinity to the Convention Centre at Southbank.

Whether you are in need of virtual offices or a full corporate suite, you should check them out. The place is so beautiful, it is always a treat to have a meeting at their office.

You can also use other of their services, such as:

  • Professional telephone answering service
  • 24 hour security / 7 days a week
  • Corporate boardrooms and conference rooms fully equipped with electronic and audio visual equipment
  • Two professional full time receptionists in each location
  • Your own specialized Personal Assistant
  • Secretarial support (word processing, spread sheeting, dictaphone transcribing)
  • High speed photocopiers, facsimile machines
  • Mail in/out service
  • Voice Mail
  • Function coordinating
  • Corporate travel arrangements


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