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Client of the month – January 2019 (LuvaBerry)

Website: https://luvaberry.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/luvaberryourwaronwaste

LuvaBerry are unique! Not unique within farming, but unique within the strawberry industry. They are a small family farm – a small fish amongst big fish – and they’ve been producing juicy red Queensland strawberries for thirteen years. Strawberries that taste like they used to – sweet, delicious and packed with flavour.

Fusion Farming

LuvaBerry integrates organic farming methods to reduce the chemicals used on their plants. This is called Fusion Farming: they look after the farm as a whole, keeping the soil healthy and using less chemicals, which results in growing healthy juicy red Queensland strawberries.

War on Waste

They are constantly striving to reinvent more ways to fight their war on waste, not only reducing their own but also helping other farmers with theirs.












You should definitely head to Mandy’s Facebook page for some amazing recipes and ideas or the dates for next community car park sales. Those lucky of you may have tasted these little beauties:









We have and we cannot get enough of their delicious strawberries!








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