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Client of the month – January (100% Kokoda)

Website: http://www.1hundredpercentkokoda.com/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/kokoda_100


The difference between companies is the person that leads you across the track

100% Kokoda is owned and operated by the same man that will guide you.


100% Kokoda is company that comes with a wealth of experience in adventure, leadership and military history. Founded by Major Cam James with 18 years experience in the Army, aims to provide you with the best travel experience available.

If you are seeking a physically rewarding and emotionally driven experience with the ability to be thrust into Australia’s Military history in a way that paints a picture to the camaraderie of our fore-fathers and mothers, they are the travel company for you.

At 100% Kokoda they aim to give you nothing short of 100% (pun intended). This is why they are called 100% Kokoda, they strive to give you nothing short of this. Why? Because that’s what you deserve!

They offer travel packages to suit singles, groups, corporates, teams, and schools to walk the spectacular Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. The packages come with videos and other blogs to guide you on your journey. Further to this, you can get one on one time with their trainer to assist you in anyway, making sure that you are content and satisfied that you are fully prepared for your journey!

“Whilst our skin may be different, our blood is the same. 100% Kokoda Porters doing what they do best, helping us achieve our goals.”

Make sure you check out the amazing videos of their adventures on their website.

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