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Xperion spends 5 minutes with financial planner, Neil Salkow.

  • 1
    Name of your business and where are you based

    Roskow Independent Advisory. We have three offices: Brisbane • Noosa • Melbourne

  • 2
    How long have you been a financial planner

    8 years

  • 3
    What are your areas of specialty

    Helping clients with complexity

  • Expert Accountant
  • 4
    Why did you become a financial planner

    As an adviser, I get to help my clients make smart choices with their money

  • 5
    What sets you apart from other financial planners

    I'm one of less than 40 truly independent financial advisers in Australia

  • 6
    Do you prefer property or shares (and why)

    I like both. I also like cash, term deposits, bonds, and business. Everything needs to be considered carefully, the pros and cons of each considered.

  • 7
    Best investment you have made

    My education

  • 8
    Worst investment you have made

    I once bought a cheap suit. It looked like a cheap suit

  • 9
    Finish this sentence: “If I had a spare $20,000 I would...”

    Take my family on a holiday to Europe... tomorrow

  • 10
    Best advice you have given a client

    Take action. Thinking about exercise doesn't make you fit, doing it does. The best advice in world is useless unless it's acted upon

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